Owner and Executive Director


rachel avner torrance, m.ed, bcba, coba

Rachel first learned ABA in the early 1990’s at The Ohio State University. Studying under the distinguished Drs. Cooper, Heron, and Heward, she obtained her masters and began teaching Special Education in 1998. In 2011 she left the classroom to provide consultative positive behavior supports across settings. During that time she became board certified. Today, Rachel leads trainings, supervises world-wide and oversees the agency through various initiatives. Her primary areas of focus are 1) training professionals, 2) complex cases (such as dual diagnosis, multiple disabilities or long histories of ongoing behaviors) and 3) working with multi-disciplinary teams to best meet specific needs with positive supports while keeping students in their school setting.


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anne winkelman, m.ed, bcba, coba

Anne has over a decade of experience working in a variety of settings across different ages. She has provided consultative and direct supports in private and public schools, therapeutic programming in home and community settings, job coaching and also currently works as a program leader for an innovative, social skills training program. Anne is highly specialized in assessing, developing and implementing programming for independence. She is also incredibly detail-oriented.

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jennifer pearson, m.ed, bcba, coba

Jennifer has been in the field for over 15 years. She specializes in working with children birth through age 8, as well as adults with autism and other developmental disabilities. Focused on individualized education and behavior intervention plans, her experience includes classroom, home and the community settings. Jennifer has excelled in not only helping others learn new skills, but how to also teach parents and fellow educators the tools to expand the learner's abilities.

Behavior Therapists/ Supervisee Team