Supervision with Accessing Abilities, LLC

If you live in NE Ohio, Accessing Abilities, LLC offers FREE supervision for practitioners working towards certification, when a minimum number of hours are worked with our direct clients.


where we work

  • Client homes

  • Schools- private, district and preschools

  • Community- playground, restaurant, leisure/recreational locations, etc.

  • Vocational training and employment settings

who we provide services to

  • School-age students

  • Preschoolers, infants and toddlers

  • Young adults

  • Adults

why we provide services to clients

  • Client is presenting with behavioral needs that are socially significant

  • Parents or staff need training (individual trainings about client’s needs or positive supports)

  • Families of clients, professionals or organizations need trainings

  • An assessment is needed in order to obtain more information about the client/ environment

  • Treatment planning is needed (direct or indirect)

  • We provide supplemental supports to teams in order to address behavioral or educational needs

  • ABA is an effective and evidence-based practice that makes successful changes in the client’s life


How you can obtain hours working with accessing abilities, LLC

  • Conducting assessments specific to the needs of the client/environment

  • Developing treatment plans based on assessment findings

  • Implementing best practices and training others on these methods

  • Measuring and monitoring progress

  • Providing additional supports to the existing team in support of client’s needs

  • Advocating for individual clients based on assessments and needs

  • Creating materials as part of the plan

  • Directly working with clients to teach and reinforce socially significant behaviors

  • Work collaboratively with the team at Accessing Abilities, LLC to further meet ABA-related needs