Accessing Abilities.

We all have abilities. Sometimes we need to take a team approach towards Accessing those Abilities.

Whether it’s short term goals such as toilet training or increasing language instead of engaging in tantrums, long-term goals of gaining successful employment, or simply needing new strategies (parent or staff training), our team at Accessing Abilities, LLC, is here to work with you and your team to help others (or you!) achieve life outcomes.


Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

ABA is the science of human behavior

Using only evidence-based strategies, we apply ABA therapy to:

  • Teach new skills (such as tying shoes, brushing teeth, academic skills- reading, number sense, language acquisition, appropriate play with siblings or peers).

  • Build independence with tasks (getting dressed, bathing, bathroom skills)

  • Address behaviors that get in the way with learning, socializing, and life goals

  • Keep students in the school setting they want to stay in- and many more