ABA at Home and in the Community


SERVICES at home

Developing plans with positive behavior supports by reinforcing the DESIRED behaviors proactively;  teaching new skills and maintaining current skills; building independent repertoires so less adult prompting is needed.


services in the community

Building on current repertoires and teaching new ones.... with REINFORCEMENT. Assessing and developing plans to address socially significant behaviors.  Bringing the supports that work in other settings to build success.  Meeting the learner where they are at, and seeing success.

Sample of Home and Community Supports

  • Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA), Functional Analysis, Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP)

  • Verbal Behavior Assessments, Functional Assessments

  • Communication Skills- Devices, Vocal, Signs, Picture Supports

  • Toilet Training, Sleep Behaviors, Hygiene , Eating behaviors (Limited Repertoire, Sitting at Table)

  • Training Parents/ Providers on Individual Needs

  • Aggression and Other Interfering Behaviors

  • Play Skills, Leisure Repertoire, Sibling Behaviors, Sensory Needs

  • Building Independence with Home-Related Tasks

  • Behaviors inhibiting access to community-based settings

  • Building reinforcement contingencies so success is maximized

  • Pre-teaching skills needed in new settings

  • Comprehensive Planning Due to Life Changes, Traveling, Holidays, etc.