Our Agency’s History


It all started when…

Accessing Abilities, LLC was founded in 2015 by Rachel Avner Torrance, M.Ed, BCBA, COBA. Initially the agency provided local and remote supervision. During this time, a few needs were identified:

In Schools: Students were often being placed OUT of their local school district settings, they weren’t able to stay in the chosen parochial school due to interfering behavior or curriculum needs, and staff often wanted additional trainings.

In Homes: There was a need for more home ABA programming; the field didn’t have enough practitioners. Torrance also wanted to incorporate more structured parent training components; so ABA could eventually be faded and parents could learn long-term strategies.

In BCBA Training Programs: Professionals wanting to become board certified were approaching Torrance and asking for supplemental supervision, as they felt they weren’t learning the most they could with their supervision experience. BCBAs were not always adequately trained which resulted in a lot of cookie-cutter programming.

In the Community: Kids weren’t able to participate in the most positive way. For instance, when they had to see the dentist for their semi-annual cleaning, behaviors were so intense they had to go under general anesthesia. This is one example of the need to train community-based staff.


OUR solution

Accessing Abilities, LLC conducts assessments and then develops programs to help teach what is needed, reinforce desired behaviors and train others so the plan can be implemented across settings.

Our approach is practical and integrates the most up-to-date research findings and methods. It’s different (in a good way!) . Our practice is ever-evolving in order to meet the needs of the community and our clients.

At Accessing Abilities, LLC: It’s positive. It’s effective. It’s Accessing Abilities.


We don’t ONLY work with children that have Autism. We work with kids that don’t have identified disabilities. We work with children with ADHD, feeding needs, complex medical needs, Cerebral Palsy, Vision Impairments, physical disabilities, genetic disorders, Reactive Attachment Disorder, and many more. We work with adults (with or without disabilities). We apply our Science to help other achieve outcomes with any socially-significant behavior that is within our skill set. We also collaborate on teams with related service providers and physicians.

OUR team

Accessing Abilities, LLC has a variety of practitioners, and each one brings their own expertise to the team. We work with ALL people who need to increase desirable behaviors, decrease interfering behaviors, build independence, perform skills, and are willing to try new methods. We only use evidence-based practices. We teach practical strategies. We build on the learner’s strengths. We team with others. We are effective.

Our work is done when we aren’t needed anymore- that’s the GOAL: to see and measure maintained behavior change across settings and time.