Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)


Our Practice and Science

ABA is a branch of psychology but behavior analysts are not always psychologists. We provide therapeutic interventions using methods that have specific characteristics.

We study behavior. We identify WHY those behaviors occur; this gives us insight on how to change the behaviors to make a difference in the person’s life. Some behaviors are more intense; others are not. The WHY is a critical component to behavior change.

We use reinforcement. We provide practical and effective methods to reinforce behaviors we want to see and STOP reinforcing those interfering behaviors.

We measure progress. Using data, we measure the behavior before and after the treatment to see if the desired behavior change is occurring.


Using only evidence-based practices, we use ABA Therapy to address socially significant behaviors.

  • Teach new skills (such as tying shoes, brushing teeth, academic skills- reading and number sense, social pragmatic language, appropriate play with siblings, imaginative play, etc.)

  • Build independence (such as getting dressed, bathing, brushing teeth, toileting)

  • Address behaviors that get in the way with learning, socializing and life goals

  • Keep students in the school setting they want to stay in- public districts, private day schools

  • Increase skills to obtain and maintain competitive employment or teach new vocational skills

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