Comprehensive services across the continuum of age, setting & ability.  
Merging education & behavior analysis to meet individualized needs.

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Phone:   (216) 469-8398

Formal and informal assessments and planning

Increasing communication skills and independence

Behaviors inhibiting access to community-based settings

Building reinforcement contingencies so success is maximized

Aggression and Other Interfering Behaviors

Monitoring Progress and Data Collection

Play Skills, Social skills

Pre-teaching skills needed in new settings 

​​​​​Direct and consultative services for children, adults, and for parents/caregivers.

a sampling of supports available:

services in the community

- Building on current repertoires and teaching new ones.... with REINFORCEMENT

     Assessing and developing plans to address socially significant behaviors.

     Bringing the supports that work to all settings, to build success.

     Meeting the learner where they are at, and providing what's needed for success.