Comprehensive services across the continuum of age, setting & ability.  
Merging education & behavior analysis to meet individualized needs.

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Phone:   (216) 469-8398

services at home

​​​​​Direct and consultative services to meet a child or adult's need in the home setting.

a sampling of supports available:

Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) and Functional Analysis

Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP)

Verbal Behavior Assessments, Functional Assessments

Communication Skills- Devices, Vocal, Signs, Picture Supports

Toilet Training, Sleep and Hygiene Related Behaviors

Eating-Related Needs (Limited Repertoire, Sensory, Sitting at Table)

Training Parents/ Caregivers on Individual Needs

Aggression and Other Interfering Behaviors

Monitoring Progress and Data Collection

Play Skills, Leisure Repertoire, Sibling Behaviors, Sensory Needs

Building Independence with Home-Related Tasks

Comprehensive Planning Due to Life Changes, Traveling, Holidays, etc.


- Developing plans with positive behavior supports

     Reinforcing the DESIRED behaviors proactively.

​     Teaching new skills and maintaining current skills.

     Building independent repertoires so less adult prompting is needed.