Comprehensive services across the continuum of age, setting & ability.  
Merging education & behavior analysis to meet individualized needs.

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Everyone is unique.  With or without disabilities, everyone has ABILITIES.  Those skills should be celebrated.  For areas of need, we should all be given the opportunity to either LEARN how to perform the needed skill, or, if the skill is already in our repertoire (meaning we CAN do it, but we don't do it often enough, intense enough, etc.), then we need some reinforcement to evoke more of that behavior.

​Accessing Abilities, LLC strives to help others access their own abilities.  We assess the learner to determine their strengths as well as opportunities for learning new skills.  From there, we work to teach staff, parents, etc. how to meet that learner's unique needs.  The end result: desired behaviors are reinforced and all abilities are accessed in the most positive and effective way.  

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Consider driving down a road on a clear, beautiful day.  If you look up, you may see a bunch of green trees towards the horizon.  If you look just above the trees, you see the bright blue sky.  Those two elements in our world are life in the most simplistic, beautiful way.  We should treasure and have access to that life;  look beyond the road, past the horizon, to whatever is the next (or current) journey or goal.

Our environment includes everyone and everything around us.  We should all be given access to the ENTIRE world.  So whether our world is a specific classroom, skill, place, or a new work venture, let's embrace our environment (and the people in it).  If we help to access abilities, they, too, all will flourish in the environment.  

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