Comprehensive services across the continuum of age, setting & ability.  
Merging education & behavior analysis to meet individualized needs.

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Learning occurs everywhere and all the time; whether it's planned or unplanned.  Accessing Abilities, LLC, knows that if a learner is taught in a way that meets his/her learning needs, and if that skill is something the learner is ABLE to do, then that new skill will occur more often... but only if it's reinforced. 

We learn desired behaviors, the ones we want to see more often, in the same way we learn interfering behaviors. Those are the ones that get in the way with:      

Interfering behaviors can significantly impact a learner's quality of life, affect their environment, or be a barrier for their family and peers. Sometimes the interfering behavior can be extreme or other times they are "get in the way" behaviors.  ​All interfering behaviors happen for a reason, and oftentimes they occur because that behavior is either effective (in that it gets us something), or because of a skill deficit.  With behavior analysis, we can analyze the interfering behaviors and determine WHY it's happening.    

From there, we can help teachers, staff, family, bosses, etc. learn HOW to teach and/or reinforce the desired behaviors so we see more of what we want to see, and in a socially and age-appropriate  manner. 

  1. Crying/ Tantrums
  2. Needed adults to help with hygiene or work tasks
  3. Waking up through the night
  4. Toilet needs; constipation, only wearing pull-ups, etc.
  5. PIcky eaters
  6. Needing constant redirection to complete work tasks
  7. Physical aggression
  8. Needing to use more language (vocal or other modes)
  9. Playing with others at recess or leisure time
  10. Constant moving during learning; too active or inattentive


- learning

- socializing

- making friends 

- communicating

- having access to the things we love to do.  

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