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assessment & analysis

Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) 

Functional Analysis (FA)
Verbal Behavior (VB-Mapp) 
Ecological Analysis

Mediator Analysis 
Effective use of data analysis
Indirect and direct assessments 
Curriculum-based assessments 
Assessing functional curriculum 
Work/ vocational skills 

Activities of Daily Living 

School and District Consultations:

     - Assessments related to behavior or curriculum needs

     - Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA) 

     - Progress monitoring; skill acquisition and learning targets

     - Classroom wide or school-wide positive behavior supports

​     - Disability-specific programming

Consultations in the Employment or Vocational Setting:

     -  Increasing independence with work tasks

     -  Social behaviors, soft skills

     -  Interering behaviors/ FBA/ BIP

     -  Measuring success and integrating reinforcement systems

Comprehensive services across the continuum of age, setting & ability.  
Merging education & behavior analysis to meet individualized needs.


Behavior Intervention Plans

Measuring success; evaluating and monitoring the plan

Comprehensive Treatment Packages

Functional Communication Training

Token Economy

Differential Reinforcement

Visual schedules and visual supports

Prompt fading protocols

Training for generalization

Antecedent interventions

Consequence-based interventions

Contingency plans for Immediate Safety

Skill acquisition programs

Direct Instruction

Discrete trial training

Incidental Teaching/ Natural Environment Teaching

Social skills, emotional regulation

individual consultations